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Safety Netting System specifications & installation instructions


Manufactured out of our 5mm x 100mm mesh high tenacity knotless polypropylene.


The selvage (the perimeter of the net mesh) is a key component of the net. Leon De Oro nets have a sewn hem on the selvage which significantly adds to the life of the net. It protects the edge of the net and prevents snagging on sharp edges. To make operations for riggers easier and more productive, we attach 3 cable ties to each corner so it is easier to find them when the net has been flaked.

Border ropes

Border ropes form a continuous load transferring around the perimeter of the net. Leon De Oro border ropes are manufactured from ~12mm Poly-steel rope, with new machine spliced ends. They do not suffer shrinkage which means that the net purchased will cover the planned area.

Test meshes

Test meshes are a requirement of the European standard. They allow for the monitoring of UV degradation. Every Leon De Oro net has three test meshes fixed to the net which are permanently identified with the same serial number as the net.
It is important to note that test meshes should be exposed to the same level of UV as the net and not bunched together. This is required to comply with the European Standard. Leon De Oro test meshes are secured neatly and openly to the net to achieve this.

Anchorages/fixing points

Safety Nets must be attached to a fixing point at least every 2.5m. Each fixing point should be capable of withstanding a 6kN loading at 45°.

Tie Ropes (to EN1263/1:2002)

Tie ropes are normally produced from 12mm, 3 strand polyamide. Type L 30kN Type R 15kN
Type M 30kN Type Z 15kN

Rope ends must be protected against unravelling


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